Julia Kjelgaard + Mehmet Dogu at {Poem88}

{Poem88} presents the work of artists Julia Kjelgaard and Mehmet Dogu. Trained as a printmaker and an architect respectively, both Kjelgaard and Dogu use color to communicate our relationships to space and place. Beyond the formal beauty of the work, both artists urge the viewer toward a more nuanced condition of connectedness: Kjelgaard through the layering of imagery and Dogu, perhaps, more directly, through the democratic glow of colored light encompassing the gallery and the viewer equally.

Kjelgaard says of her work:
“My fundamental interest for many years has been in interconnectedness. As a visual artist, I am interested in exploring how we as human beings negotiate the spaces we perceive between things. These spaces of difference, culture , history, location and relationship all circle around the fundamental knowledge that, in fact, what we see as separate is actually interconnected. I explore both how my own mind, but also the “minds of others interpret our visual world and how visual images mimic the mind’s ability to make sense (or not) out of the fragments.”

Kjelgaard’s mixed media works (digital images printed on canvas with hand-painted elements applied to the top surface) invite the viewer to consider sacred spaces and their universality and interchangeability: for instance, butter candles burning in a temple at Dharamsala and a chapel in southern France; while Dogu, through his light sculptures radiating into evening light, transforms the gallery into a kind of sacred space: everything and everyone is altered by an unexpected glow.

In both artists’ works, too, there are juxtapositions created through montage: a mash-up of color and photography; but, at the heart of “Living Color” an existential idea of being within space and with each other.

1100 Howell Mill Road
Suite A03
Atlanta, Ga. 30318

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