Estela Semeco at MINT

The battle with one’s self to be pretty can turn ugly.

Exploring the concept that “Beauty is Pain,” Estela Semeco’s new series of drawings hopes to display a bright and humorous insight on the everyday struggles of being a girl.

Estela’s work often deals with the female perspective, att times distorting it to the point of absurdity while confronting certain issues with humor. In particular, this series pokes fun at the way girls see and feel about themselves in the hopes of promoting a bit of self-love.

From the artist:

“I started drawing Pretty Ugly girls about a year ago when I came up with a trio of monstrous looking girls with cute hairstyles. They were equally adorable and hideous, similar to how many young women may feel about themselves.

I loved them; I had never come up with anything like them and I wanted to push them further and give them a purpose. Today I am using them to poke fun at myself, and other girls in general.

This show displays everyday girls doing everyday things like shaving, brushing tangled hair, or waking up still wearing last night’s make up. Some of them are dealing with their imperfections, either showing signs of frustration while others are content with themselves.

All of this will hopefully inspire camaraderie and laughter.”

Through March 4th.

145B Sampson St.
Atlanta, GA 30312

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