Justin Rabideau, James Bridges at Barbara Archer

Presenting new works by James Bridges and Justin Rabideau, “Waste Not” portrays the artists’ response to individual experiences in their natural surroundings. Each crafts visceral depictions of metamorphosis by capturing the moments that are at the crux change, transformation, and re-interpretation. Bridges abstracts his experience, while Rabideau pulls directly — and quite literally — from his.

How can an artist best respond to a pile of rotting wood, or to the contrast of the sea meeting land? Rabideau questions how meaning can be extracted from materials whose purpose has been forgotten, while Bridges works to preserve moments by abstracting them to the point of essence.

Nothing is forgotten. Nothing goes to waste.

Justin Rabideau, an artist inspired by his natural surroundings, creates assemblage sculptures and site-specific installations from materials in his proximity. Using craft, paint, glass, and many natural elements to instill new energy into found materials, he provides a fresh perspective and re-interpretation. During this act of change and transition, Rabideau seeks to re-create a moment where there was once a touch of clarity.

James Bridges crafts multi-layered, poetic paintings of the natural landscape. Based on abstractions of environments that surround him, Bridges’ paintings are created with fast strokes and vigorous line that, quite unpredictably, imbue familiarity. His marks are effortless, spontaneous, yet confident in their placement and intensity.

Curated by Dashboard Co-op, Craig Cameron and Romy Maloon.

Through March 24.

WASTE NOT AFTER PARTY, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.

Following the opening, hop a bus to The Lawrence! Slated to open in spring, be the first to sample French drink and eat at this swank Midtown foodery! Songbird angels, Lily and the Tigers, will make music from found objects, and Chef Shane Devereaux will educate us on the wasteless culinary practices of the French – stop, it’s interesting. At midnight, the bus will return you and your new friends to the Barbara Archer Gallery.

Space is very limited, purchase tickets here.

Limited Valet Parking is Free while available until 10 p.m. for those who identify themselves as guests of Barbara Archer Gallery / Dashboard. Please tip your valet.

Barbara Archer Gallery
280 Elizabeth St #A012
Atlanta, GA 30307

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