Mike Germon at Beep Beep

Scientific theories about time travel and their literary interpretations provide the narrative framework for the pieces in Mike Germon‘s newest collection of work. The inevitable paradoxes therein are mirrored in both form and content in collages combining chronologically disparate source material.

About the artist:

Time travel, alchemy and the Exquisite Corpse serve as thematic and stylistic underpinnings as Mike Germon’s collage and installation work combine the visual elements of religious and scientific source materials. Both modern and vintage graphic design inform the minimalist compositions of his relatively small pieces. The frequent inclusion of found objects provides greater context for two-dimensional work, as well as compositional diversity, and a broader range in which to explore the potential of physical source material. Atlanta arts writer Jerry Cullum’s reaction to a recent installation in a group show offers a concise description that is applicable to much of Germon’s work: ” [It] was the most reflective in juxtaposing potent shorthand for a bunch of incompatible belief systems, all of which have in common the effort to impose a grid of meaning on the mess of history.”

Through March 31.

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Beep Beep Gallery
696 Charles Allen Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30308

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