“Ex-Pos-Ure” at U*Space

U*Space Gallery re-imagines itself as a gallery of the future. Gone are stagnate square images and the drop dead silence found in traditional art settings. In their place now exists constant motion and noise. In just a few short years, the internet and other portable devices have helped to champion the media of video and sound art in ways that the traditional gallery/museum/concert hall settings have not.

EX-POS-URE brings together an array of international and award winning artists who in their own right are helping forge new directions in the concept of what it means to view, listen, and experience art in the digital age. The exhibition leads with the suggestion that all art should be universally accessible and not, as assumed by most institutions, destined for imprisonment in one physical location. More importantly the exhibit keeps in mind the fact that with an increase in game culture, people are used to being at the center of attention, of getting immediate feedback. It is no longer viable for galleries/institutions to take pride in the quoting of the size of their spaces. Viewing and listening to art should be much more about the intimacy created.

Through April 29.

U*Space Gallery
439 Edgewood Ave. SE
Atlanta, GA. 30312

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