Judy Morris Lampert, Barbara Schreiber at Barbara Archer

Judy Morris Lampert’s recent series of photographs, “Structures, Textures, & Time,” documents structures unique to the American South – both old, decomposing buildings rich in history and newer structures ripe with personality. The artist’s attraction to these structures comes from their irresistible combinations of form, color and texture; what follows is a deeper connection, heavy with the nebulous sense of loneliness, isolation and the passage of time. The structures are, in fact, freestanding abstract sculptural forms and yet with Lampert’s subtle and personal approach they read as portraits, offering up an intimacy rarely captured on film.

Although she began taking pictures professionally in her mid-forties, Lampert has exhibited her work in over thirty exhibitions throughout the South. This is her first solo exhibition at Barbara Archer Gallery.

In “Unreliable Narrator,” Barbara Schreiber explores a world in disarray through intimate paintings and drawings that appear lighthearted at first glance, but often have unsettling undertones. With over 100 group exhibitions and 20 solo exhibitions in her career, her recent work reflects a precisely honed craft in stunning detail. This is her fourth exhibition and second solo exhibition at Barbara Archer Gallery.

Lampert will give an artist talk at the gallery on May 23.

Through June 2.

Barbara Archer Gallery
280 Elizabeth St. #A012
Atlanta, Ga.

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