Phillip March Jones Book Signing at Poem 88

Phillip March Jones, founder of Institute 193 and director of the Atlanta-based Souls Grown Deep Foundation, will be signing his new photographic collection, “Points of Departure: Roadside Memorial Polaroids” at {Poem 88} on April 18. The book was published by The Jargon Society (Highlands, NC) and features a foreword by poet and scholar Thomas Meyer.

From the author:
“Roadside memorials mark geographical points of departure in a landscape that is generally devoid of real human interaction or activity. We pass them at sixty miles an hour, sometimes glancing back, but are never afforded the time to actually see them. This project is about slowing down. Polaroid was a natural choice. Early in its development, Polaroid film was widely used by police officers and other law enforcement, because it produced an unalterable instant photo, irrefutable evidence of a particular event. These photographs are evidence of something greater, an unspoken need to commemorate and celebrate our own fleeting lives and stories.”

1100 Howell Mill Road Suite A03
White Provision Bldg
Atlanta GA 30318

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