Downtown Art Walk

The Downtown ArtsWalk takes place on the first Thursday of each month from 5-8 p.m. “First Thursdays ArtsWalk has grown with new programs and additional venues so that art lovers can view the arts, tour the historic districts of Downtown and enjoy various discounts at Downtown restaurants. First Thursdays ArtsWalk is a self-guided tour of galleries, with no beginning or ending point, you are free to move at your own pace. We even put together some sample itineraries for you. With its growth, First Thursdays ArtsWalk has become more than just an gallery tour. It is an event where singles … Continue reading Downtown Art Walk

Ben Roosevelt at Get This!

The Blue Flame is Ben Roosevelt’s 2nd solo show with Get This! Gallery, this time using an immersive installation to turn his practice on its head, looking at the same time in to the past and in to the future to ask where things can go from here. Connecting the radical impulse of the origins of punk music to the urges of the Romantics and the trials of Dante as he wrote his medieval epic poem The Divine Comedy, Roosevelt places us in a seedy roadside bar known as The Blue Flame. The Flame exits in myth, somewhere between the … Continue reading Ben Roosevelt at Get This!

“Advanced Edition” at Dewberry

“Advanced Edition” is a preview of ten SCAD-Atlanta MFA thesis exhibitions featuring MFA Candidates: Lauren Adams, Alison Batley, Marcus Bishop, Anling Cheng, Alphonso Edwards, Nate Kamp, Soojung Kim, Chin-Hsiang Liu, Kelly Voyles, Augusta Wilson. Through April 13. Dewberry Gallery of SCAD 1545 Peachtree St., Suite 225 Atlanta, Ga. Continue reading “Advanced Edition” at Dewberry

Judy Morris Lampert, Barbara Schreiber at Barbara Archer

Judy Morris Lampert’s recent series of photographs, “Structures, Textures, & Time,” documents structures unique to the American South – both old, decomposing buildings rich in history and newer structures ripe with personality. The artist’s attraction to these structures comes from their irresistible combinations of form, color and texture; what follows is a deeper connection, heavy with the nebulous sense of loneliness, isolation and the passage of time. The structures are, in fact, freestanding abstract sculptural forms and yet with Lampert’s subtle and personal approach they read as portraits, offering up an intimacy rarely captured on film. Although she began taking … Continue reading Judy Morris Lampert, Barbara Schreiber at Barbara Archer

Gala 2012 at MOCA GA

The MOCA GA benefit honors Carolyn and Gudmund Vigtel and celebrates their ten-year anniversary. Included on the GALA 2012 Committee are Sara and Jeff Hehir as Host Committee co-chairs and Melissa and Philip Babb as Event co-chairs and Patron Party hosts. The auctioneer will be the ever popular James H. Landon. Offering affordable, high-quality art by some of Georgia’s finest artists through a Silent Auction which opens at 5:30 p.m. (closes 15 minutes after the close of the Live Auction) and a Live Auction which begins at 7:30 p.m. comfortable cocktail attire heavy hors d’oeuvres, full bar The Museum of … Continue reading Gala 2012 at MOCA GA

“Ex-Pos-Ure” at U*Space

U*Space Gallery re-imagines itself as a gallery of the future. Gone are stagnate square images and the drop dead silence found in traditional art settings. In their place now exists constant motion and noise. In just a few short years, the internet and other portable devices have helped to champion the media of video and sound art in ways that the traditional gallery/museum/concert hall settings have not. EX-POS-URE brings together an array of international and award winning artists who in their own right are helping forge new directions in the concept of what it means to view, listen, and experience … Continue reading “Ex-Pos-Ure” at U*Space