“ECHOES: Adventures in Printmaking” at Kibbee

“ECHOES: Adventures in Printmaking” is curated by Joe Elias Tsambiras and features the art of: Karen Cleveland, Mariana Depetris, Becky Furey, Chris Neuenschwander, Sam Parker, Plastic Aztecs, Ashlyn Pope, Paul Rodecker, Andrea Sanders, Stephanie Smith, Dorothy Stucki, Matthew Sugarman, and Joe Tsambiras.

Echoes are reflections of sound, arriving at the listener some time after the initial sound has been produced. In visual art, printmaking comes close to a representation of the echo: multiple prints emanate from a matrix. The prints and print-based installations in ECHOES work together to celebrate the form and technique of printmaking. This collection also fosters multidirectional communications between the works of art, the environment, and the viewers.

“Seasoned printmakers, as well as artists who are relatively new to the medium, created all new work for ECHOES. Rather than randomly selected artists whose work I appreciate, I tried to be thoughtful about how the works interact to creatively display a sincere emotional statement. Through curating a group printmaking show, I aim to help create a space that embodies the powerful creative energies inherent in printmaking.”

Through April 28.

Kibbee Gallery
688 Linwood Ave NE, Suite 1
Atlanta, GA 30306

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