Dusty Griffith at Pryor

Pryor Fine Art presents a solo show for Atlanta based artist Dusty Griffith. The show begins with an opening reception on Thursday, April 26th. The artist will be present for the opening. Please RSVP here.

Southern encaustic artist Dusty Griffith creates softly luminous paintings using pale blues, greens, golds and whites to inspire contemplation, peacefulness, and spirituality within the viewer. “My motive is for the viewer to realize the principle that there is more than just what can be seen on the surface, both in my art and in one’s life,” Griffith explains.

To more fully express these philosophical ideals, Griffith strives for a purer strain of abstraction by distilling the picture plane into sophisticated combinations of color and form. Indeed, Griffith’s artistic vision is likened to the geometric abstraction of the late California painter Richard Diebenkorn, beautifully combined with principles of color field painting as seen in the meditative work of Abstract Expressionist Mark Rothko.

By using salvaged pieces of wood (such as a portion of a front door taken from a demolished home) as the base for each painting, Dusty Griffith infuses new life into the materials, and simultaneously expresses his philosophy of rebirth and new consciousness within one’s present life. Upon this foundation Griffith adds segments of Plexiglas, which have been painted with encaustic in muted pastel tones; at first glance these portions conceal the true depth of the piece, but when illuminated in natural sunlight the full splendor of each painting is easily recognized. “Each one of my paintings is like an atmosphere unto itself, a moment or place of reflection or enlightenment,” Griffith says.

Through May 18.

Pryor Fine Art
764 Miami Circle, Ste. 132
Atlanta GA 30324

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