Bernd Haussmann at Emily Amy

Emily Amy Gallery presents their first solo exhibition for Massachusetts-based painter, Bernd Haussmann. The show, entitled “Darwin’s Coral,” will include new works in a variety of media and in an assortment of sizes, ranging from small intimate works on panel to large abstract canvases.

The show’s title is a reference both to the broader concept of evolution and the natural world that is so critical to Haussmann’s work and process as well as to the more blatant patterns that often appear in this new series. In addition to the new collection of paintings that will be on view, there will also be several short films broadcast during the show that will allude to the elusive yet familiar natural world.

Haussmann has always been interested in nature and the world around him. Through his paintings, among other things, he seeks to connect with nature and illustrate his ongoing dialogue with his surroundings. He is influenced by everything that he sees, but specifically by the two landscapes that he calls home: the ocean (a fishing village on the north shore of Boston) and the mountains (rural Western Maine).

Haussmann has said when speaking about the landscape, “I am not so much interested in what we see, but what we don’t see.” Unlike many of the works from his Mountains and Oceans series, this new body of work is for the most part purely abstract, or so they seem. The references to nature are only noticed upon close examination. Discoverable are recognizable shapes, patterns, and lines that hint at an allusion to a piece of fan coral, a riverbed, or possibly tree roots. Many of the ‘unearthed’ natural forms are in fact the sources of life or the origin of species, harkening back to the all-encompassing title of the show itself.

Haussmann, who was born in southern Germany, has been a permanent resident of the United States for more than fifteen years. His work has been exhibited widely, specifically including a recent show at the Provincetown Art Museum in 2011 as well as solo exhibition with the Goethe Institute in Boston. Haussmann’s paintings are also featured in numerous public collections including those of the Danforth Museum of Art, the Longview Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of the City of Tuebingen, the Museum der Stadt Reutlingen, the Hunterdon Museum of Art and the collections of Nordstrom, The Ritz-Carlton and Hyatt Regency Corporation, among others.

Through July 7.

Emily Amy Gallery
1000 Marietta Street, Suite 208
Atlanta, GA 30318

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