“Upcycle” at ATHICA

You are invited to Upcycle, ATHICA‘s 45th exhibition, that serendipitously opens in congruence with Earth Day on April 22nd, 2012. One for the whole family, Upcycle celebrates over twenty artists’ creative approaches to material re-use, materials destined to become landfill fodder — or worse, toxic pollution — are reborn as these artists dream them out of the waste stream.

Curated by Lizzie Zucker Saltz with the assistance of Katie Faulkner, the exhibit will run through Athfest weekend, closing on Sunday, June 24th, 2012. The atypical-for-ATHICA Sunday opening reception begins at 3 p.m. and runs through 6 p.m., during which contestants will compete for prizes in a Trashion Fashion Show, followed by a procession that begins at 4:30 p.m. Produced in collaboration with the UGA Office of Sustainability & the UGA Green Cup Competition, contestants will be drawn from the 12 UGA Green Cup Sororities, Athenian artists, our own A-CC school kids, and anyone from the public wishing to participate that register by the April 15th deadline.

The procession will take place along the Chase Park walkway and porch as well as on a runway created from “The Cap Man” Jimmy Straehla bottle-cap covered pick-truck bed. Local celebrity judges such as Candice Courcy of Urban Sanctuary, Kim Deakins of Pain & Wonder Tattoo, Airee Hong of Agora, Michael Lachowski of Young Foxy and Free magazine, Suki Janssen of A-CC Recycling and others TBA, will award prizes. The Ecotones will provide entertainment during the suspenseful judging period. Dunlop supports this venture wholeheartedly as it’s “always important to make people think about closing the loop and that means using less stuff and recycling or reusing the stuff you do use.”

The Upcycle exhibition is ATHICA’s positive response to the zero-waste movement; which questions our culture’s addiction to cheap disposable goods and the resultant evil twins of global industry—environmental degradation and municipalities’ struggles to cope with accelerated landfill expansion. These memes gave curator Lizzie Zucker Saltz the impetus to put out an artists’ call, garnering the eighteen individual artists included in this exhibit, who hail from around the world, and employ a diverse range of approaches and materials. They have been selected for their innovative upcycling of materials usually regarded as trash, transforming them into objects of conceptual contemplation, wonder and beauty. Upcyling is distinct form of recycling, whereas no energy is expended in the production of transforming raw materials into new objects.

Featured Artist:
Reid McCallister (Athens, GA)

Other Contributors:
A-CC Recycling Division • Elizabeth Barton (Athens, GA) • Tiberiu Chelcea (Nashville, TN) • Jamison Edgar (Athens, GA) • Inguna Gremzde (England/Latvia) • David Hamlow (Good Thunder, TN) • F. Geoffrey Johnson (Atlanta, GA) • Jourdan Joly (Athens, GA) • Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful • Diana Lee (Athens, GA) • Doug Makemson (Athens, GA) • Jay Nackashi (Athens, GA) • Charles Pinckney (Athens, GA) • Marianna Popp (Athens, GA) • Paula Reynaldi (Athens, GA/Argentina) • Noah Saunders (Athens, GA) • The Story of Stuff Project (Berkeley, CA) • the cap man (Winterville, GA) • Jill Townsley (London, England) • Joni Younkins-Herzog (Sarasota, FL)

Sponsored by:
Athens Clarke County Recycling Division, Athens Grow Green Coalition, Junk South, New Urban Forestry, Related Recycling, Urban Sanctuary, The Natural Baby

Complete details and schedule of events can be found on the ATHICA site.

Athens Institute for Contemporary Art
160 Tracy Street Unit 4
Athens, GA 30601

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