Gregor Turk at MOCA GA

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia presents 2011/2012 Working Artist Project Winner Gregor Turk’s “Terminal Velocity.”

Since childhood, Gregor Turk has been endlessly fascinated by maps. However, this appeal is less about the actual geographic information communicated in maps and more about what that information tells us about ourselves as individuals and collectively as a culture. Through his artwork, Turk explores the fundamental qualities of mapping-the mysteriousness, inherent biases, cultural authoritativeness, absurdity, and ability to simultaneously represent and distort reality. This exhibition at MOCA-GA coincides with the 20th anniversary of his transcontinental trek in which he traveled by foot and bicycle along and adjacent to the 1270-mile section of the U.S./ Canadian border formed by the 49th parallel – the world’s longest straight boundary.

The major installations in “Terminal Velocity Center” focus on Atlanta’s physical center points-its interstate interchanges. Stretching and wrapping inner tubes over wooden structures, Turk creates a seductively complex overlay of worn ribboned surfaces. Other locations beyond the city are also subjects of this exhibition. Through smaller works, Turk explores concurrent and often conflicting sentiments of personally significant sites. Both the desire for and burden of place come into play in a series of wrapped wooden X-shaped wall-mounted sculptures constructed from trees harvested from the locations they in turn reference.

Through July 14.

Artist Talk: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 – 6:30 p.m. Reception, 7 p.m. Talk

Admission to the Opening Reception is free for members and US Military w/ID, $5 for non-members, $1 for students.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
75 Bennett Street, Suite A-2
Atlanta, GA 30309

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