Living Color Redux at {Poem88}

{Poem88} presents “Living Color Redux,” a second look at the formal aspects of color expressed in the work of David D’Agostino, Ryan Coleman, InkYoung Chun, Helen Ferguson Crawford, Ryan Nabulsi, and Drew Tyndell.

In both non-objective and representational works, these artists rely on the relationships of color and form in vibrant, luscious, meditative and even mysterious ways. While many of the artists may initiate the work as an exploration of landscape, there appears to be a kind of organic devolution into something entirely without form or only loosely hinting at form.

And the opposite holds true: there seems to be a desire to attach a physical form onto works that are entirely abstract to bring them into the realm of human experience. Each artist uses their own strategy to arrive at their unique balance between luminosity and chroma through assorted media including assemblage, camera-less photography and more straightforward painting.

Through July 28.

Artist talks: Saturday, June 16 and Saturday, July 21.

1170 Howell Mill Rd., Suite A03
Atlanta, GA 30318

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