K. Meredith Lear at Ibis

“Our deepest hope as humans lies in technology; but our deepest trust lies in nature.”
-W. Brian Arthur

“Digital Displacement” is the upcoming thesis exhibition of SCAD Atlanta MFA candidate Katherine Meredith Lear. The exhibition will include nine new hybrid domestic sculptures and several botanical drawings of the rare cell phone tower tree species. The domestic sculptures address the issue of the artist’s displacement from rural to urban. They are of a technology indicative of urban Atlanta but retain the aesthetics from the artist’s past and home in rural Burgin, Kentucky.

Digital Displacement is an exploration of objects based on the term, skeuomorph. The word refers to a design element that may no longer have a functional necessity due to the advancements in technology. The term comes from the Greek words ‘skeuos’ meaning vessel, tool, or implement and ‘morphe’ meaning form.

Through May 24.

Ibis Gallery
1915 Bragg Street
Atlanta, GA 30341

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