AnnaLee Burnstein at Sycamore Place

“Exposure” is an art exhibition featuring work that uses inside versus outside relationships to talk about exposing the beauty of internal organs and emotions.

Exposure is meant to bring awareness to the human body, primarily its functions, the aesthetic of internal organs, and emotions. Internal organs are meant to be hidden, because if they are exposed people react as if something is wrong. However, due to this fact, people lack an appreciation for the beauty of internal organs how the body is an amazingly well-oiled machine.

Similarly to the aversion to internal organs, people have been taught by society that many emotions should also be internalized. The fact that humans can experience such a wide range of emotions is pretty incredible and should be celebrated. By using the internal organs as a metaphor for human emotions in the work, hopefully that people will see the beauty in them and get away from the idea that they need to project happiness all the time. Exposure juxtaposes organs/emotions outside of their normal settings. The show will get people to question their own views and gain appreciation for their insides.

AnnaLee Burnstein was born and raised in Roanoke, VA. She moved to Atlanta, GA to complete her degree in sculpture from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012. Heavily influenced by her father’s profession as a Gastroenterologist, her art focuses mainly on bringing awareness to the beauty and importance of internal organs and emotions.

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Sycamore Place Gallery
120 Sycamore Place
Decatur, GA. 30030

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