Andrea Fremiotti at Young Blood

Young Blood Gallery presents “Postured Relationships.” Andrea Fremiotti‘s black and white photography depicts people in everyday situations, but reduced to silhouettes so that they become anonymous design elements.

Though he made his subjects colorless and “blank”, their postures and relationships to the others make them lively, relatable characters whose emotions and personalities refuse to be stomped out. The diversity of the locations and masking of ethnicities unifies the subjects and helps the viewers to see themselves in each scenario. The images spark reflection on our public actions that we think of as ephemeral. Could our own kiss on a park or fight on the beach have been captured and preserved by a lens?

Fremiotti is a commercial photographer and digital artist based in Atlanta. He owns Burn Photo, a digital services shop in Brooklyn. He snapped these images over a year between work days in Mexico, Italy, England, France, and Spain. The manipulated silhouettes are a natural bridge between the technical and artisitc extremes of his profession.

Through June 30.

Young Blood Gallery & Boutique
636 N. Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA. 30306

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