Rocío Rodríguez at Sandler Hudson

Sandler Hudson Gallery announces a solo exhibit for Rocío Rodríguez entitled “Purge.”

Personal history, engagement with aesthetic concerns, conflicts, references to systems both social and political have all contributed to the divergent fictions that have been present in Rodríguez’s work. In her most recent works she turns her attention inward once again. She focuses on that activity that has been her lifelong engagement—Painting.

In 2011 Rodriguez started a series of drawings that discarded color in favor of a very limited and muted palette. She brought order and stability to her canvases purposefully calming down the frenetic activity of previous work and presents dichotomies that exist within the pictorial language. Her image is paint, mark, shape, line all exposed and placed at the front of the picture plane, stacked on totems or pedestals.

As the work progresses a fuller color palette is returning to her work. Are these memorials to painting? Or a humorous parade of the components of what makes an image? Of these paintings Rodríguez says: “What is painting to me? I think these are like memorials to painting, making paintings about painting. But also being outside of it, commenting on it, while I create them and take them apart”.

Rocío Rodríguez earned her BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Georgia. Ms. Rodríguez has been in numerous solo exhibitions in contemporary art centers and galleries. She has participated in over fifty national invitational/curated exhibitions. In addition, she is the recipient of various awards among them; Artadia 2011- Atlanta, the Cintas Fellowship, the Southern Regional Visiting Artist Award at the Academy of Art in Rome-AFFAR, two SAF/NEA Fellowships for Painting and Drawing, and an Artist Fellowship at Fundación Valparaiso in Spain.

Her work has been exhibited in various museum shows; the High Museum of Art, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Museum of Art of Fort Lauderdale, the National Women’s Museum in Washington DC, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, the Museum of Arts Sciences in Macon, The Telfair Museum in Savannah, Ga.

Ms. Rodríguez’s work is also in numerous national and international private collections. Her work has recently been featured in two books; Out of the Rubble by Susanne Slavick, and Atlanta Art Now: NOPLACENESS, by Cinque Hicks, Jerry Cullum, and Cathy Fox. In August 2012 a survey of her work, “Divergent Fictions; Selected works from 1988 to 2012”, will open at the Columbus Museum in Columbus, Georgia.

Through Sept. 8.

Sandler Hudson Gallery
1009-A Marietta St. NW
Atlanta GA, 30318

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