Todd Gray at Hagedorn Foundation

Hagedorn Foundation Gallery announces an exhibition and performance  by LA based artist Todd Gray, in conjunction with Atlanta’s National Black Art Festival.

Gray is  known as Michael Jackson’s personal photographer from 1979-1984 and for his portfolio of  intimate Jackson shots from that period. For this exhibition, “The Gray Room,” Gray will create a  multi media installation that functions as a memorial to Jackson’s role as international shaman of  pop music culture, inspiring people to a higher level of consciousness/awareness, and to  Jackson’s ritual relationships to African culture.

The installation will include large portrait prints  from the portfolio, turn of the century African relics and masks, and “Ghost Cloud” wall  sculptures that investigate principles of African animism and Jungian principles of the Id. Gray’s performance, a work in progress, reflects on critical thoughts of mental colonialism and his  active participation in Michael Jackson’s media construction.

Gray received his MFA in 1989 from Cal Arts, where he channeled his art through the cultural  iconography of pop culture and racial identity, into a sociable, discursive practice. He has  created several bodies of work – Shaman, Afrotronic, and Goofy – since his portrait series for MJ.

July 6-Aug. 31.

Hagedorn Foundation Gallery
425 Peachtree Hills Ave, No. 25
Atlanta, GA 30319

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