“Your Knot” at Ontologic

WonderRoot, in conjunction with Untie Atlanta, presents “Your Knot,” responding to transit challenges in Atlanta and the impending transportation referendum on July 31, 2012.

Through this printmaking exhibition, WonderRoot seeks to explore, challenge, and inspire engagement as the region’s citizens consider whether and how to vote on this generational piece of legislation.

With an opening reception on July 5, seven Atlanta-based printmakers will exhibit editioned prints, answering a prompt from WonderRoot’s Creative Director, Maggie Ginestra.

From the prompt: “We know your prints may clarify or complicate, question or assert, laugh or worry around transit issues and we are excited about all surprises. You might imagine your print viewed at 50 mph or by someone on foot who is waiting to cross the street.”

Participating artists include Whitney Stansell, Jason Kofke, Chris Chambers, Rich Gere, Cubby West, Craig Cameron and Jessica Caldas. While all printmakers, these artists work with a variety of printmaking methods. Viewers are certain to see a diversity of application in this exhibition as WonderRoot continues its efforts to connect the arts to larger social issues.

“WonderRoot is thrilled to have the opportunity to invite artists we admire to make new work around issues of transportation,” says WonderRoot’s Maggie Ginestra, “artists who we believe will spark awareness and imagination leading up to the vote.”

Artist Cubby West’s work examines “the fact that depending on where you live in the city, say Cabbagetown, ‘your transportation’ or ‘Your Knot’ is different or tied in a way that’s different from someone living in the West End, or honestly any other neighborhood.”

Saba Long of Untie Atlanta says, “This region has a burgeoning arts community that is active in all facets of metro Atlanta’s communities. WonderRoot was a natural partnership for reaching out to transit riders, particularly given their previous art and transit exhibits. The campaign is excited to see the unveiling of the transit-centric artwork from local artists. This exhibit will reiterate the transit benefits of passing the July 31 Regional Transportation Referendum.”

In addition to the opening reception on July 5, WonderRoot will host an artist and community conversation. Time and date, TBD.

1037 Monroe Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30306

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