Craig Dongoski at Puritan Mill

Puritan Mill is currently showing a mix of new works and previously seen pieces by whitespace artist, Craig Dongoski. “Durations” is a visual exploration of the relationship between sound and line, departing from Dongoski’s technologically based work to present a compelling representation of drawing’s inherent substrates. In his earlier “Drawing Voices,” Dongoski catalogued and visually translated sound using the technological process of amplification. In “Durations” Dongoski gathers inspiration from the pictographic result: lines that resemble sound waves.

“Durations” represents a return to internal expression. Liberated, Dongoski’s line becomes free flowing and organic and the original forms produced mutate and develop. The show examines the substrates of drawing; Dongoski’s forms echo the internal strata of the tree, the origin of his materials, but they also explore the physical process of drawing. For Dongoski, the act of making marks – essential to the work of Van Gogh or Pollock, for example – hearkens back to writing. As such “Durations” compels us to meditate upon the gray area between sound and form, external and internal expression, and drawing and writing.

Craig Dongoski is based in Atlanta, Georgia, where he is Associate Professor of Art at Georgia State University. Dongoski has lectured at several notable institutions including the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada; the Frans Masereel Centre in Kasterlee, Belgium and Kinki University in Osaka, Japan. Dongoski recently exhibited his series Paivascapes #1 at the Binaural Media and Nodar Residency Center in Nodar, Portugal and SoundLAB VII in Cologne, Germany. In July 2012, Dongoski will exhibit work in Greece at the Ionion Center in Kefalonia, Greece while attending a summer residency at the Center.

June 25 – Sept. 30.

Puritan Mill
916 Joseph E Lowery Blvd. NW
Atlanta, Ga 30318

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