Anya Liftig at Airline Street

Anya Liftig returns to Atlanta for her most physically challenging performance to date. “I’m a Groucho Marxist” draws from the history of literally and socially imposed barriers in Atlanta’s past. During this three-hour durational performance, Liftig will challenge herself to cross a barricade while blindfolded and partially bound. As with most of Liftig’s work, the built-in physical hardship is integral to the project, and this work in particular addresses the difficulty in crossing boundaries. The Good Food Truck and the King of Pops will be on site with project inspired menus. In addition to street parking, the location is easily … Continue reading Anya Liftig at Airline Street

Anya Liftig at whitespace

Anya Liftig will discuss her eclectic research for “I’m a Groucho Marxist” including delving into the history of psychogeography, the peanut industry, Situationists, Atlanta’s Race Riots, Leo Frank’s Lynching, Nickelodeon’s Double Dare, Mai 68, the Paris Commune, and other subjects. Reception 7 p.m.; talk will start promptly at 7:30. Liftig’s performance of “I’m a Groucho Marxist” takes place on July 7. whitespace 814 Edgewood Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307 Continue reading Anya Liftig at whitespace

Craig Dongoski at Puritan Mill

Puritan Mill is currently showing a mix of new works and previously seen pieces by whitespace artist, Craig Dongoski. “Durations” is a visual exploration of the relationship between sound and line, departing from Dongoski’s technologically based work to present a compelling representation of drawing’s inherent substrates. In his earlier “Drawing Voices,” Dongoski catalogued and visually translated sound using the technological process of amplification. In “Durations” Dongoski gathers inspiration from the pictographic result: lines that resemble sound waves. “Durations” represents a return to internal expression. Liberated, Dongoski’s line becomes free flowing and organic and the original forms produced mutate and develop. … Continue reading Craig Dongoski at Puritan Mill

Todd Gray at Hagedorn Foundation

Hagedorn Foundation Gallery announces an exhibition and performance  by LA based artist Todd Gray, in conjunction with Atlanta’s National Black Art Festival. Gray is  known as Michael Jackson’s personal photographer from 1979-1984 and for his portfolio of  intimate Jackson shots from that period. For this exhibition, “The Gray Room,” Gray will create a  multi media installation that functions as a memorial to Jackson’s role as international shaman of  pop music culture, inspiring people to a higher level of consciousness/awareness, and to  Jackson’s ritual relationships to African culture. The installation will include large portrait prints  from the portfolio, turn of the … Continue reading Todd Gray at Hagedorn Foundation

Stewart Ziff, Alexis Hudgins at {Poem88}

“Reality Show,” Stewart Ziff produced by Alexis Hudgins, August 4-18. Pairing two media makers, Los Angeles-based Hudgins, a recent graduate of the UCLA MFA program, and GSU new media professor Stewart Ziff, {Poem88} provides the space and resources to pursue a one-time site-specific installation that engages the Atlanta community and encourages their participation in a reality show. For the duration of the project, {Poem88} will function as Stewart Ziff’s working studio and sound stage simultaneously as Hudgins records thedaily goings-on of art-making and community engagement, conversation and provocation. Further, Ziff and visitors will be interviewed off-stage for their personal commentary. … Continue reading Stewart Ziff, Alexis Hudgins at {Poem88}

Clifford Owens at ACAC

Join exhibiting artist Clifford Owens as he creates the Atlanta version of his ongoing “Photographs With An Audience” series. The artist shapes group dynamics and demographics to decide how each picture will develop. We are looking for a diverse mix of adventurous collaborators. These performance works are for adults only; some nudity may occur. Atlanta Contemporary Art Center 535 Means Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318 Continue reading Clifford Owens at ACAC