“Spaces” at One Twelve

One Twelve Gallery in the Stove Works of Inman Park presents “Spaces,” an exhibition featuring abstract landscape paintings by four Atlanta artists.

Artist, writer and filmmaker Loretta Paraguassu has many talents, but painting is her professed true love. Paraguassu experiments with oils, watercolors and ink to create paintings that explore the human experience and the beauty of the world around us.

Artist and architect Helen Ferguson Crawford uses the medium of painting to weave narratives about the places and things she observes in her daily life. Crawford often writes stories and poems to accompany her abstract landscapes – sometimes the painting inspires the writing, and other times it’s the opposite. Though the pieces may share a mood and tone, they stand on their own as independent works of art.

Artist Eva Magill-Oliver has always turned to nature as a source of inspiration and equilibrium. Magill-Oliver recently returned home to the U.S. after living abroad in Paris, France for several years. In her recent landscape work, Magill-Oliver explores the upheaval of a transatlantic move: “when the routine of daily life can often seem unfamiliar in a very familiar environment.”

Many of artist Martha Stiles’ paintings portray life on the fruit farm where she grew up. Her works often have a dreamlike quality – abstract depictions of a childhood spent exploring orchards, vineyards, woods and fields on horseback. Says Stiles, “There is a story in the painting of my experience in those places.”

Through Oct. 21.

One Twelve Gallery
inside City Church Eastside, Suite 5 of the Stove Works Lofts
112 Krog Street
Atlanta, GA 30307

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