“The Synthetic Mind” at ATHICA

In “ATHICA EMERGES V: The Synthetic Mind,” nine artists synthesize perception and awareness using a variety of approaches, from the neurobiological to sociological. In so doing they capture and recreate the many ways we perceive and experience the world around us, focusing our attention on the binary of eternity and instantaneity.

Featured artists:
Brian Hitselberger
Ben McKee

Participating artists:
Bob Davis
C.D. Howe
Elizabeth Kleene
Vivian Liddell
Justine Stevens
Dena Zilber
Thomas Sanders

Curator: ATHICA Interns under the guidance of Artistic Director Emerita, L.Z. Saltz
Co-Curator: E. Green Barrera, K. Clark, N. Day, M. Drury & B. Gaby

Through Sept. 9.

Athens Institute for Contemporary Art
160 Tracy St., Unit 4
Athens, Ga.

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