Something New: Atlanta Art Community Forum

Since 2007, I’ve tried to make Art Relish a resource for Atlanta art, posting all the event announcements I can and talking with artists and others who make, show, and support the stuff we’re looking at. Managing the site on my own in the midst of a family and day job can be difficult and crazy making. There’s always something I miss or get behind on. I hate having such long stretches between posts, but that’s the way of blogs. Five years is a long time to keep one going.

What’s important to me though, and part of the goal that I’m working toward, is facilitating an open community driven by its members. And here we are.

I’ve created the Atlanta Art Community Forum as a space to easily post and share ideas with others, find collaboration partners, talk about issues, and organize for the benefit of Atlanta’s art community. There are few categories so far, I’d like to see where the conversation goes before setting a more rigid structure in place. The two I have created, Calls for Entry and Event Announcements, provide space for calls and announcements to be made. As time goes on, categories will become clear and you’ll be able to sort or bookmark your favorite topics.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google sign-ons are available to make integration into your regular flow a little easier and avoid the “one more thing” problem. There are a bunch of sharing tools as well.

“Can’t I do this on Facebook?” Yes, sort of, but in Facebook we often end up talking within our own circles. As wonderful as all my friends are, I’m always curious and want to know more. I keep learning new things from the art community and I hope that this board will aid in opening up the conversation and exposing us all to whatever is new and amazing.

Please join, start a topic or two, ask a question, answer someone else (who I hope will come!) and share with your network. Use the little doohickeys at bottom to promote, agree, disagree, like, etc., whatever post you’re reading. The concept and process will evolve over time, like most everything else does.

The direct link is, and you can also click the link at top left on any AR page to go there. Hopefully sometime soon it’ll be so invaluable and super awesome that you’ll have to bookmark it.

I’m still learning all the back end here, and if you have any questions just let me know. I really want this board to provide a service and bring something valuable to the community. This is for you.

[This is reposted from the “Here you are. Now what?” post on the forum.]


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