“The Colors of Summer” at 2 Rules

2 Rules Fine Art hosts an opening for its group exhibit featuring eight artists whose works incorporate vibrant hues and patterns. The group exhibit will feature bright paintings, prints, and glass art from around the country from 8 different artists. This is the first time 2 Rules Fine Art will feature glass art as part of a group exhibit. The opening reception for the Color of Summer exhibit takes place during the Marietta Art Walk on Friday, August 3, from 6 to 9 p.m. and is free and open to the public. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet some … Continue reading “The Colors of Summer” at 2 Rules

Jason R. Butcher at Beep Beep

“As in a Mirror, Dimly” features a set of all new drawings by Atlanta artist Jason R. Butcher. His new work focuses on imagery related to what Butcher describes as “a film I will never finish”. Each drawing gives a voyeur’s perspective from someone working on a surreal dream-like set, with each scene laid out and lit exactly as the artist would do in order to shoot the film. The drawings depict a series of everyday occurrences which, while appearing in sequence, contain no narrative structure. Originating as story-boards, the drawings serve as a documentation of ideas that could become … Continue reading Jason R. Butcher at Beep Beep

Atlanta Printmakers Studio at AFPL Central

Atlanta Printmakers Studio at the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Central Branch, July 18-Sept. 14, 2012. This exhibition includes the Folium Darwinii exchange portfolio, as well as banners from Print Big! 2012 which feature the themes of reading, books and literature. Artist Rich Gere will give an artist talk on the history of printmaking during the exhibition reception on August 18. The history of Printmaking is the history of communication as well as a fine art medium. The invention of paper in 105 AD and the printing press and movable type in the 15th century were as important and revolutionary as we … Continue reading Atlanta Printmakers Studio at AFPL Central

“POP!” and “Shamanic Skies” at Kai Lin

“POP!” is a four artist solo exhibition featuring SCAD graduates Lucha Rodriguez and Nathan Sharratt in addition to abstract cut-paper artist Jon Arge and Cartoon Network artist Richard Tapp. “Shamanic Skies: Contemporary Masters from Mongolia” is a traveling exhibition of Tibetan Buddhist and secular art works from three contemporary Mongolian masters: Soyolmaa, Nurmaa, and Bolordra. For more than two thousand years the Mongols have dominated the center of the Silk Road. Here, under the guidance of the great Khaans like Genghis and Kublai, the ancient traditions of shamanism and Indo-Tibetan Buddhism merged into a profound stream. The vast influence of … Continue reading “POP!” and “Shamanic Skies” at Kai Lin

Martha Whittington at MOCA GA

In the artist statement for her exhibition “Deus ex machina,” Martha Whittington says: “Recalling the moment when machines became gods and workers became machines, deus ex machina is a precisely constructed environment of obscurely comprehensible machines and devices. Dancers as workers react within the installation, performing tasks for reasons and results that can only be implied by the viewer.” Among the materials included in this exhibition are cotton rope, poplar wood, wool felt, stainless steel, and video. Elements of the installation include custom-made ladders; hand-made victrolas; cotton webbing and stainless tool belts; aprons; a rope hook, cotton twine; 11-pound stainless steel orbs; … Continue reading Martha Whittington at MOCA GA

Holly Andres, Vik Muniz at Jackson Fine Art

Jackson Fine Art presents a solo exhibition of new work by young, critically acclaimed photographer Holly Andres and a mini-retrospective of works by famed artist Vik Muniz: On Loan from Atlanta collectors. Through a suite of 13 photographs, Holly Andres’s “The Fall of Spring Hill” illustrates an incident from a summer church camp in which a child injures himself by falling from a dilapidated wooden play structure and the mothers’ fierce reaction to deconstruct it in retribution. The story, which unfolds through highly stylized cinematic storyboards, is a personal memory of Andres’s from her childhood. In the June issue of … Continue reading Holly Andres, Vik Muniz at Jackson Fine Art