Living Walls Conference 2012

27 artists will visually activate our urban landscape in the world’s first all-female street art conference. This year’s Living Walls Conference will change the game for street art and Atlanta.

The five-day conference is scheduled to capacity with film screenings, lectures, block parties, gallery exhibits and bike tours. All events are free and open to the public.

Sten and Lex (Italy), Indigo (Canada), Fefe (Brazil), TIKA (Switzerland), EME (Spain), Hyuro (Argentina), Martina Merlini (Italy), Miso (Australia), Cake (New York), Swoon (New York), Martha Cooper (New York), Sheryo (New York), White Cocoa (New York), Jessie Unterhalter and Katie Truhn (Baltimore), Molly Rose Freeman (Memphis), Teen Witch (San Francisco), olive47 (Atlanta), Paper Twins (Atlanta), Sarah Emerson (Atlanta), Sheila Pree Bright (Atlanta), Marcy Starz (Atlanta), Karen Tauches (Atlanta), Knitterati (Atlanta), Plastic Aztecs (Atlanta), Nikita Gale (Atlanta), Patricia Lacrete (Atlanta), Mon Ellis (Atlanta), Andrzej Blazej Urbanski

Gaia, LNY, RJ Rushmore, Ian Wilson, Erin Yoshi, Naomi Herrson, Amanda Mills, Karen Shacham, Paul Boshears, Courtney Hammond, Lisa Tuttle, Lauri Stallings, Karen Tauches, Mike Lydon, Ellen Dunham Jones, Gyun Hur, Gene Kansas

Pablo Gnecco, Robert Sepanski

Complete details on times, dates, and locations are on the Living Walls Conference Facebook event page.

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