“The Boys Club” at Defoor

“The Boys Club,” the early fall show at the Defoor Centre’s galleries will be filled up with paintings and photos of some the area’s unique artists. This show will start Sept 1st and end October 31st with a party on Thursday, September 13th from 7-9 p.m. with a cash bar. The event opening is free to the public and the art is available for sale.

A popular muralist and a linear thinker all on various surfaces bring the paintings to a different level. The lens finders – photographers mix it up with the traditional to computer manipulating images to reveal that magical moment of the stare. Whether it is chair or a human it will lure you in.

Corey Barksdale, a local muralist brings his vibrant people and musical scenes to life. Anthony Harris draws you in with his continuous use of line overlapping the surreal painted landscapes and people. Mitchell Chamberlain will be on hand from Nashville!

As for the photographers we have three exciting lens finders! Matt Nicoholson, known for his human subjects and combination of the drama for their story brings us into their world. Another fellow photo manipulator Cory McBurnett, shows us the imagination gone wild with his photography very cattywampus like. Ray Dafrico, a traditional photographer rounds it out and evens the score with his magical moments form his travels and findings.

Defoor Centre
1710 DeFoor Ave
Atlanta, GA

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