Marcus Kenney at Marcia Wood

Marcus Kenney returns to his first medium of photography with stunning black and white images, in combination with new painting and sculpture, that exploit his recurring motifs with compelling and tantalizing results.

Marcus Kenney’s mixed media paintings and sculptures with found objects are well known and critically acclaimed. His masterful practice of the techniques of collage and assemblage are hallmarks of his oeuvre. In the upcoming exhibition Kenney expands his vocabulary as he circles back to his roots as a photographer, developing fascinating new layers of dialogue with his painting and sculpture.

Kenney’s narrative works present a tumultuous clash of imagery reflecting America’s melting pot of culture and considering issues including consumerism, environmentalism, religion, mortality, identity, race relations and authority.

Pictures of children that seem intimately connected to the surrounding wild and lush landscape re-assert Kenney’s deep connection to his own childhood in rural Louisiana and the mystery and mythology of the strangeness, danger and beauty that were his daily experience of the world. The natural innocence of children in an ever more threatening world blazes out of the shadows in captured moments of play and fanciful imagination.

Kenney’s central themes are illustrated throughout his paintings, sculptures and photographs with a catalog of imagery that includes children, fire, animals, nature as both sinister and beautiful, connotations of theater – stage, curtains, and of identity – masks, costume, and racial juxtapositions.

Through Oct. 20.

Marcia Wood Gallery
263 Walker Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30313

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