Suellen Parker at whitespace

“Letting Go,” Suellen Parker‘s first solo exhibition at whitespace, investigates how an individual can find his or her own voice despite the ideals and gender roles foisted on us by society.

In her earlier series, “Incurable Perfecting,” the characters looked to culture for guidance on how to create themselves. In Letting Go, Parker’s characters look within themselves to find out who they are, letting go of cultural standards and expectations.

Instead of limiting themselves to prescribed genders, Suellen Parker’s characters open up to a more authentic expression of self by exploring aspects of both masculine and feminine attributes. This exploration allows for freedom of expression, creativity and individuality.

By engaging in private play, they are able to let go of expectations and rules. The result is a personal and truthful moment that they enjoy without fear of judgment or consequences. If we can ask questions instead of judging and look to our authentic voice rather than modeling ourselves after the prescribed standards, Parker believes we will open ourselves to exciting, harmonious lives.

Through Nov. 24.

814 Edgewood Ave.
Atlanta, Ga.

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