Greely Myatt at Swan Coach House

The Swan Coach House and The Forward Arts Foundation present “Nice One,” an exhibition of recent work by Memphis artist Greely Myatt.

Myatt’s work addresses notions of communication through words and symbols. The title is realized from reclaimed signage, which is reconfigured as a backlit wall construction; it floats on the main wall as one enters the gallery space.

Other pieces forego the use of letters and use the shape of cartoon “speaking bubbles” to reference the idea of talking. These forms are left empty of text. This allows, or requires, viewers to project their thoughts onto the work, thereby completing it. These sculptures and prints take various forms using steel, paint, paper, beeswax and found objects.

Myatt’s work draws from topics as varied as High Modernism, topical issues, the landscape – both physical and cultural – as well as music, jokes, cartoons and language. “My approach is to combine art historical references with vernacular influences. I have a tremendous respect for work that is made by the hand and guided by the head, heart and eye.”

Myatt will give an artist talk at the gallery on Sept. 15 at 11 a.m.

Exhibition runs August 23 – September 29, 2012.

The Swan Coach Gallery
3130 Slaton Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

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