September shows at Mason Murer

Mason Murer announces a September 21st opening including photography shows in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

The September show will feature several photographers to coincide with ACP including Deanne Andrus, Bailey Davidson, Liesa Cole and Tony Rodeo, Robin Davis, and Thomas Dodd.

Three other shows that are part of ACP will also open: a Women in Focus group show, Brian Steel’s “Impaired Perceptions,” and a second show curated by Brian Steel titled “Inside the Outsider.”

Steel’s Inside the Outsider deals with individuals need for acceptance versus our need for individuality and contains work from photographers Amos Mac, Natan Dvir, Michael Grecco, Jennifer Greenburg, Rania Matar, Jeffrey Whetstone, Bill Steber, Jess Dugan, and Constanza Piaggio.

The September opening will also feature works in other media by Suzy Shultz, Joe Remillard, Morris Mitchell, Richard Scott, Purvis Young, and Thornton Dial.

Through Nov. 3.

Mason Murer Fine Art
199 Armour Drive
Atlanta, GA 30324

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