Melissa Mason, Dave Wertz at TEW

“Equus Revisited” introduces Melissa Mason & Dave Wertz.

Melissa Mason is passionate about horses, their bold forms and lyrical lines. Her paintings take from the essence of these animals, initially as brief sketches and often on a large scale.

The essential shapes or lines of movement that she sees in her subjects are mapped out with loose brush marks on canvas. The viewer ‘feels’ the power of the animal rather than being treated to an anatomical likeness.

Once the drawing, or mapping, is complete, the process of painting and often re-drawing as paint meets paint occurs. These works are formally as much about surface, mark, color and gesture as they are about the animal they represent but they retain that indelible spirit of the creature in much the same sense as that captured by prehistoric cave artists of Europe and Africa.

Metal smith Dave Wertz presents the subject in a totally different manner. His three dimensional horses are constructed from found elements, mostly old automotive parts that he cuts and shapes, or at times simply utilizes, to describe the structure.

Wertz’ horses are not quite anatomically correct ¯ rather they are mystical beings with inherent “personality” and plenty of idiosyncratic detailing that at times becomes quite visceral, almost as if you are looking beneath the skin of the beast.

His use of both structure and void makes the works spatially interesting and also allows an element of playfulness to the personality of the individual works.

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