Michele Mikesell, Gabriel Benzur at Alan Avery

With themes of irony, contradiction and humor in her exhibition “Upon the Wheel,” Michele Mikesell utilizes symbolic storytelling through figurative painting in the tradition of 17th century Dutch painters as well as 20th century photographers. Her new work is an homage to Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle (1906) about immigrant life in the meat packing industry. Internationally acclaimed local photographer Gabriel Benzur’s debut exhibition “The Geometric Landscape” is held in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography 2012 and will also feature his incredible woodturnings. Through Oct. 27. Alan Avery Art Company 315 E. Paces Ferry Rd. Atlanta, GA 30305 Continue reading Michele Mikesell, Gabriel Benzur at Alan Avery

Melissa Mason, Dave Wertz at TEW

“Equus Revisited” introduces Melissa Mason & Dave Wertz. Melissa Mason is passionate about horses, their bold forms and lyrical lines. Her paintings take from the essence of these animals, initially as brief sketches and often on a large scale. The essential shapes or lines of movement that she sees in her subjects are mapped out with loose brush marks on canvas. The viewer ‘feels’ the power of the animal rather than being treated to an anatomical likeness. Once the drawing, or mapping, is complete, the process of painting and often re-drawing as paint meets paint occurs. These works are formally … Continue reading Melissa Mason, Dave Wertz at TEW

“Pure Folk” at Barbara Archer

Barbara Archer Gallery welcomes the Folk Art Society of America to Atlanta during their 25th annual conference. They’ll showcase work by self-taught greats like Linda Anderson, George Andrews, Beverly Buchanan, Herman Bridgers, David Butler, Ronald Lockett, James Harold Jennings, J.B. Murry, Nellie Mae Rowe, Jimmy Sudduth, Mose Tolliver and more. A special tribute to the late Mr. Imagination will also be featured. Over 25 years have passed since contemporary folk art exploded on the art scene, leaving us with a plethora of faux folk art imitators and a shortage of meaningful work by the early, authentic masters in this genre. … Continue reading “Pure Folk” at Barbara Archer

“Selections from The New England Primer” at whitespec

“Selections from The New England Primer,” an interactive sound installation by Matt Gilbert in collaboration with Ryan Peoples, was initiated by Charlie Brouwer’s exploration of his past and childhood memories in “Now I Lay Me…” The installation will investigate American approaches to childhood education as evidenced in The New England Primer, America’s first school textbook and the source of the prayer to which Brouwer’s show owes its title. The homemade sound controllers, some made from salvaged electronics, will convert the content of the Primer-lessons based on rote memorization, strict discipline, and Puritan values-into material for free self-directed play and investigation. … Continue reading “Selections from The New England Primer” at whitespec

Open Studios at ACAC

Open Studios spotlights the 14 amazing artists in the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center’s Studio Artist Program. This event is your chance to get access to the spaces where their ambition, mastery of materials, and outrageous ideas all mix. Come meet them and enjoy three other enticements: Food (tasty morsels by a cool caterer), Drinks (let the wine and beer flow), and Music by Bernadette Seacrest (acclaimed femme fatale singer, voted Best Local Vocalist by Creative Loafing in 2010). Atlanta Contemporary Art Center 535 Means Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318 Continue reading Open Studios at ACAC