“Shared Southern Stories” at Emily Amy

Emily Amy Gallery presents “Shared Southern Stories,” its second-ever exhibition to include photography, in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

The Oxford American, a regional literary magazine highlighting the Southeast, provided the impetus for this show by featuring an exceptional group of artists in their 2012 Visual Arts Issue.

The show features nine talented painters and photographers from the list who have lived and worked in the South at some point in their lifetime. By drawing upon more traditional concepts of the South and all the while bucking those traditions, these nine thoughtful artists reveal an honest look at contemporary life at ‘home.’

Among the unfavorable generalities often associated with the South are found shame, complacency, loss, desire, and disguise, to name a few. On the other hand, there are also positive attributes that characterize Southern culture that include community, preservation, hospitality, history and identity.

Often, Southerners are stereotyped as great story-tellers and this group of artists is no different. Through their disparate practices, each of the exhibiting artists divulge masterful stories of everything from imagined histories to contemporary identity. Through the use memory and metaphor, the viewer is transported to a place that is at the same time tragic yet comforting, and ultimately uniquely Southern.

Shared Southern Stories features works by the following artists: Keliy Anderson-Staley of Arkansas, Nikita Gale of Georgia, Joshua Dudley Greer of Tennessee, Jessica Ingram of California, Phillip March Jones of Kentucky, Amy Pleasant of Alabama, Dan Tague of Louisiana, Bruce Wilhelm of Virginia and Monica Zeringue of Louisiana.

Emily Amy Gallery
1000 Marietta Street, Suite 208
Atlanta, GA 30318


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