Stephen Marc at Emory

Stephen Marc is a contemporary American griot who uses photography to construct thematic mélanges of metaphor and memory. He is a digital montage artist whose work provides a visual interpretation of American history with an emphasis on the black experience.

His images weave more than 500 years of African American life, history and culture into a digital quilt comprised of family snapshots, photographs of historical sites, documents and other remnants alongside modern cultural references. Woven together, Marc’s images create powerful narratives that obviate the boundaries of time and space, which converge to produce moving and evocative commentaries.

Marc’s work has been published in numerous books and publications, and in three monographs, including his most recent, Passage on the Underground Railroad. He has been awarded the Aaron Siskind Foundation Fellowship and the Visual Arts Fellowship in Photography, and he received the Elizabeth and Mallory Factor Prize in 2009. Marc is a tenured professor at Arizona State University.

Stephen Marc will present “Relative Connections,” a body of new work at the Visual Arts Gallery on Emory’s main campus and concurrently at the Catherine Hunt Gallery in Candler Hall at Emory’s Oxford College.

Through Dec. 8.

There will be an artist talk beginning at 6 p.m. during the opening reception.

Visual Arts Gallery, Emory University
700 Peavine Creek Drive
Atlanta, GA 30322

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