“Art Battle: The Election of the First President” at The Goat Farm

On Wednesday, October 17, 2012 The World Wide Arts Federation (WWAF) presents the anticipated Art Battle Series with “The Election Of The First President”, featuring renowned visual artists Fabian Williams and Fahamou Pecou, held at The Goat Farm Arts Center. This presentation will be in correlation with the 2012 Presidential Election comprised of paint and canvas.

Fabian Williams founded The World Wide Arts Federation (WWAF) in 2009, which is an art organization that specializes in arranging live art exhibitions that are innovative and entertaining.

His model for WWAF is from the colorful personalities of wrestling, by combining the technical skills of famous wrestlers such as Bob Ross and transforming them into a platform to create a never-before-seen interpretation of an artistic crusade known as the “Art Battle” – a competitive performance art series that depicts the satirical gestures of today’s society.

Since its inception, WWAF has set the standard for live performance art in Atlanta, by changing the way artists display their talents through visual expression.

According to Williams, “WWAF is a place where local artists can exhibit their alter ego as well as their artistic abilities in an environment that embraces individuality.”

“The Election of the First President” will represent the current political culture of the 2012 Presidential Election. Similar to the United States political parties of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, the art battle will consist of three artistic parties: The conservative “Reneissancecan” (Renaissance Artist/Enthusiast); forward thinking “Contemporaricrat” (Contemporary Artist/Enthusiast); and third party, Urbatarian (Urban Artist/Enthusiast).

This satire will compare with the underlying political personalities and messages portrayed by our current presidential candidates, through art and the alter egos portrayed by the artists. Candidates for this battle include: Occasional Superstar (R), King Cotton (C), Lady Luxe (C), Faa Fatale (R), and Fahamu Pecou as special guest and Commentator.

The public will have the opportunity to cast their votes to elect the first president of WWAF. There will be live entertainment, and art pieces and merchandise available for purchase. Portion of the ticket sales will go to the Grace Kisa Donation Fund, a respected and beloved artist and photographer in the performing arts community.

ADMISSION: $10 general admission, $5 for students (with student I.D.)

The Goat Farm Arts Center
1200 Foster Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

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