Deanna Sirlin at Bank of America

Deanna Sirlin says of her show, “Under and Over: New Collages,”

“This work started like most work in the studio. I was making small collages, many shown here, using hot colors and different kinds of media. I had been thinking about making these works in another scale as they communicated the right notes of energy, gesture, and presence. But I wanted see how they might change by altering the scale.

I received a mini grant from the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities through the City of Milton, Georgia to make art with my community, and be inclusive with parts of the community that might feel excluded.

At the workshops, groups of volunteers glued down the base layers for some of the large works in this exhibition using fluorescent colored paper I provided combined with colorful papers they contributed. Everyone worked at large tables on sheets of archival Stonehenge papers and seemed to enjoy the process. Roy Gentile acted as my assistant and photographed the participants.

I brought these layered works into my studio and responded to the patterns and colors the community had prepared. A kind of magic happened. The work came into being with a delightful connection to what was underneath. Under and Over: everyone’s presence is now part of this series of collaborative works that are colorful and filled with joy.

I would like to thank the City of Milton, the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities, Larson – Juhl, and Carter House Framing in Alpharetta, and all the individuals who worked on the collages. And Roy Gentile, thank you for your help and photography.

And of course, Susan Kendrick with Commercial Art Consultants/theartcollaborative curator of The Bank of America Gallery whom I would like to thank for curating and inviting me to show this work. Without the help of these companies and individuals whose inspiration helped in the creation these works, I would not be able to be show them here today.”

Through Dec. 11.

Bank of America Plaza
600 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

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