Constance Thalken at whitespace

For artist Constance Thalken, 1.2 cm = 1.2 billion microscopic cells; $285,748.24 in medical expenses; 95 10 mg doses of Prochlorperazine; 5,064 mg of Herceptin; 4,500 centigray protons; 139 medical appointments; and, in a word, cancer. “1.2 cm =” is a photographic response to the artist’s encounter with breast cancer, an iconic disease of contemporary society, and her effort to understand the illness, its treatment, and its effects on her body. From January 2010 to February 2011, Thalken underwent treatments that included surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted drug therapy, and hormone therapy. Throughout this time, she collected the bandages that were … Continue reading Constance Thalken at whitespace

Mary Engel at Marcia Wood

Mary Engel has exhibited her found object assemblage sculpture of animal figures at Marcia Wood Gallery for sixteen years. Throughout her career Engel has employed a range of media, scale, surface and sculptural techniques in the depiction of a variety of animals, including her main figure, the dog, as well as cats, horses, rabbits and the occasional bear, squirrel or giraffe. From the beginning of her practice, Engel’s foundation of inquiry has been an exploration of the development of culture through myth and fable, and as with so much of the lore she studies, she has designated the archetypical animal … Continue reading Mary Engel at Marcia Wood