Carolyn Metzer, Anne Patterson at One Twelve

One Twelve Gallery in the Stove Works of Inman Park presents “Echoes,” an exhibition of nature inspired photographs and paintings by Carolyn Meltzer and Anne Patterson.

Photographer Carolyn Meltzer uses her camera to capture the beauty and dynamism of the natural world. She hopes her photographs will allow viewers to experience some element of the everyday in a fresh, unexpected way. Meltzer also works as a radiologist and views her photography as a creative complement to her medical imaging work.

Visual artist, director, and designer Anne Patterson draws inspiration from nature and music. “My goal is to encourage sensory exploration – to hear and feel the crash of the waves, to see the music playing before your eyes – and to have the viewer experience art in a new, more profound way,” says Patterson.

Meltzer and Patterson created the works for “Echoes” through a process of collaboration in which each used the other’s work as inspiration. Says Meltzer, “Anne’s work so closely resonates with my own perspective on nature and art; the beauty of her watercolors inspires me to make photographs that complement their palette, form, and sense of optimism.”

Through April 14.

One Twelve Gallery, inside City Church Eastside
Stove Works Lofts, Suite 5
112 Krog Street
Atlanta, GA 30307

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