Artist Jamie Isenstein artist talk at Atlanta Contemporary

Contemporary Talks: Jamie Isenstein

Recorded Feb. 7, 2015, at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.

Isenstein often absorbs the persona of inanimate objects (uncomfortably for hours at a time) sitting—or standing or crouching—at the mercy of her art. Isenstein is known for blurring the lines between performance and sculpture, often through her use of her own body as a ready-made object. Isenstein reflects on the concept of art living beyond its creator and the role of the artist within a work of art, utilizing the vocabulary of comedy and magic to speak to such larger issues. She incorporates her body into objects for long durations often rely on her presence but then offer an equally compelling solution for when she is absent. In doing so, Isenstein’s performances never truly end but instead go into extended intermissions. The Contemporary

Also available on Vimeo.

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