#3everyday, by Jessica Caldas

#3everyday is a Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Awareness month project for October 2015.

This project is based on the statistic that three women die every day from domestic violence. The project will consist of a daily three woman performance piece based on the movements of women preparing to leave their homes.

Performances will be held daily at varying locations throughout the city of Atlanta. The time and location of each performance will be announced the morning of every day using this event page as well as the home page of jessicacaldas.com. Performances will also include a take away print, and information about how bystanders can engage more deeply with domestic violence prevention, awareness, and education.

October of every year is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.” – Jessica Caldas

This performance of #3everyday was recorded Oct. 8, 2015 at Liberty Plaza, across the street from the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. Also available on YouTube.

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