About Art Relish

Launched in 2007, Art Relish documents and promotes contemporary art and artists around Atlanta through first-person interviews and event coverage along with a directory of galleries and organizations contributing to Atlanta’s thriving and diverse art scene.

Jason Parker in Creative LoafingThe videos I’ve created and posted here have been viewed tens of thousands of times in multiple channels. They provide a valuable service in documenting and exposing Atlanta art and artists to a worldwide audience.

Rather than taking a critical perspective, I like to talk with artists and others about why they make the work they do, and what they want the viewer to take away from the experience. This interaction provides a first-person voice for artists to directly engage with the public, and gives the audience some context, something to react to, on viewing or experiencing the work.

If you would like to support, contribute, or have any other questions, please contact me at jason@artrelish.com.

To learn more about Art Relish, see Creative Loafing’s Feb. 2010 profile of Art Relish founder Jason Parker.

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I sincerely appreciate the contributions of the many people who have helped out over the years. Thank you!

– Jason