Live: Priscilla Smith, “The View from Here”

“Live: The View From Here” is artist Priscilla Smith’s walk around the whole Atlanta BeltLine corridor, streaming live video and recording a day-long snapshot of the beautiful linear park. The walk begins about 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011 and is expected to take about 12 hours. To join the walk during the day, call 404-578-4430 for an update on our location. A project of Art on the Atlanta BeltLine.

[The stream was spotty early this morning, but the problem seems to be resolved now and streaming is ongoing. Thanks, and please refresh if you’re not seeing the video. Here’s a photo of the companions at Boulevard Crossing.]

Stream videos at Ustream

“Parks, paths, trails, and transit, an emerald necklace of humanity and greenspace—that’s the Atlanta BeltLine, the Beltine of the future. Today, though, it’s twenty-two miles of active freight yards, tire graveyards, and back yards offering spectacular city views, walks through cathedral forests, and a window into the history, present moment, and, perhaps, future of the city—forty-five of whose neighborhoods this old train alley passes through.

This proposal is to create a durational performance in which an artist, Priscilla Smith, will walk the entire BeltLine in one day, a hike that will take from ten to twelve hours. She will wear a video camera attached to a harness equipped with a gimbal and counterweights—a homemade steadicam—to stabilize the image. The whole performance will be continuously streamed and recorded via the Internet, documenting what the artist sees and hears, thus creating a portrait of the Atlanta BeltLine from a particular vantage point, on a particular day.

For the past century, rail traffic serving industry along the BeltLine has dwindled to nothing, leaving a shortcut that is hiding in plain sight, a secret that is slowly leaking out. It’s true that many have traversed parts of the way, but most Atlantans have no idea of what the BeltLine really looks like. This will give observers a full tour. The artists will make arrangements to pass by hidden but notable sites to give them visibility to a larger public.

Besides creating the television show (streaming), the document (the recording) and the performance (the walking), “The View From Here” invites observers to participate in transforming Atlanta by bringing the disparate neighborhoods closer as they help make the event possible, walking along and sharing in creating the video experience.”

– Priscilla Smith

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  1. Good morning Priscilla, I was called into work at 6AM, heading to Athens, Ga. Looking forward to finding you on the BeltLine when I get back to Atlanta.

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