Alix Pearlstein, Tony Labat, Tad Savinar at ACAC

Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (ACAC) announces the opening of its winter exhibitions on Fri., Jan. 11, 2013 at 7 p.m. These exhibitions were organized to highlight significant aspects of ACAC’s programmatic mission – to help in the creation of ambitious new works and to reveal connections between existing art and artists. All three exhibiting artists will attend the opening. In “The Dark Pavement,” New York-based artist Alix Pearlstein utilizes aspects of ACAC’s architecture and surrounding environment – gallery spaces and lobby area, the derelict Bankhead Highway bridge and adjacent parking lots, and a rarely-seen basement. Working with actors from the … Continue reading Alix Pearlstein, Tony Labat, Tad Savinar at ACAC

Living Walls Conference 2012

27 artists will visually activate our urban landscape in the world’s first all-female street art conference. This year’s Living Walls Conference will change the game for street art and Atlanta. The five-day conference is scheduled to capacity with film screenings, lectures, block parties, gallery exhibits and bike tours. All events are free and open to the public. ARTISTS Sten and Lex (Italy), Indigo (Canada), Fefe (Brazil), TIKA (Switzerland), EME (Spain), Hyuro (Argentina), Martina Merlini (Italy), Miso (Australia), Cake (New York), Swoon (New York), Martha Cooper (New York), Sheryo (New York), White Cocoa (New York), Jessie Unterhalter and Katie Truhn (Baltimore), … Continue reading Living Walls Conference 2012

Jason R. Butcher at Beep Beep

“As in a Mirror, Dimly” features a set of all new drawings by Atlanta artist Jason R. Butcher. His new work focuses on imagery related to what Butcher describes as “a film I will never finish”. Each drawing gives a voyeur’s perspective from someone working on a surreal dream-like set, with each scene laid out and lit exactly as the artist would do in order to shoot the film. The drawings depict a series of everyday occurrences which, while appearing in sequence, contain no narrative structure. Originating as story-boards, the drawings serve as a documentation of ideas that could become … Continue reading Jason R. Butcher at Beep Beep

Craig Dongoski at Puritan Mill

Puritan Mill is currently showing a mix of new works and previously seen pieces by whitespace artist, Craig Dongoski. “Durations” is a visual exploration of the relationship between sound and line, departing from Dongoski’s technologically based work to present a compelling representation of drawing’s inherent substrates. In his earlier “Drawing Voices,” Dongoski catalogued and visually translated sound using the technological process of amplification. In “Durations” Dongoski gathers inspiration from the pictographic result: lines that resemble sound waves. “Durations” represents a return to internal expression. Liberated, Dongoski’s line becomes free flowing and organic and the original forms produced mutate and develop. … Continue reading Craig Dongoski at Puritan Mill