Charlie Brouwer at whitespace

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. – child’s prayer that first appeared in 1737 in “The New England Primer,” America’s first school textbook. “Now I Lay Me” is also the title of an Earnest Hemingway short story about Nick Adams who spends a sleepless night in shell shock trying to hold onto his soul after World War I. When the image of a figure reclining among ladders came to artist Charlie Brouwer, and he assembled a prototype of … Continue reading Charlie Brouwer at whitespace

K. Meredith Lear at Ibis

“Our deepest hope as humans lies in technology; but our deepest trust lies in nature.” -W. Brian Arthur “Digital Displacement” is the upcoming thesis exhibition of SCAD Atlanta MFA candidate Katherine Meredith Lear. The exhibition will include nine new hybrid domestic sculptures and several botanical drawings of the rare cell phone tower tree species. The domestic sculptures address the issue of the artist’s displacement from rural to urban. They are of a technology indicative of urban Atlanta but retain the aesthetics from the artist’s past and home in rural Burgin, Kentucky. Digital Displacement is an exploration of objects based on … Continue reading K. Meredith Lear at Ibis

William Downs + Brooke Pickett at Poem 88

{Poem88} presents “Crossing Lines,” a collaborative endeavor by William Downs (b. 1974, Greenville, SC) and Brooke Pickett (b. 1980, Shreveport, LA) merging line, landscape, and vision into one cohesive body of work. The artists, who met in New Orleans during the summer of 2011, embarked on this journey hoping to synthesize their distinct approaches to drawing and fueled by their admiration for each other’s practices. Downs deftly captures movement and gesture, while Pickett’s thoughtful drawings depict quirky shapes and indiscernible objects. Together their drawings encompass a multitude of imaginary spaces, ideas, and musings. The project began with a series of … Continue reading William Downs + Brooke Pickett at Poem 88

Kelly Cloninger at Whitespec

Kelly Cloninger’s work for “Girl Party,” her upcoming show in whitepec at whitespace gallery, evolved from her own interpretation of feminism versus historical viewpoints. Since the rise of feminism in the 1970s, the movement’s ideas experienced several shifts and changes. When the idea of feminism first appeared, women felt compelled to liberate themselves from the objective demands of man. Bra-less, makeup-less, and high heel-less, women supporting the feminist movement gave up on what society had always considered “feminine.” Women using power tools and wearing suits became new forms of self-empowerment, but only for the sake of making the point that … Continue reading Kelly Cloninger at Whitespec

Jason Kofke and Chris Chambers, “The Ends”

“The Ends” is a collaborative exhibition of new work by Jason Kofke and Chris Chambers, at Beep Beep Gallery in Atlanta through April 28, 2012. Kofke talks about the show and its intention to “decipher potential teleological ends of the modern past.” Also, there’s a car in the gallery. Also available on: Vimeo – iTunes – Continue reading Jason Kofke and Chris Chambers, “The Ends”