Five Years Later

December 31st, 2012 Jason Parker Posted in General No Comments »

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I almost let five years get away without commemoration. Thanks everyone for watching, helping, and relishing.

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Something New: Atlanta Art Community Forum

July 17th, 2012 Jason Parker Posted in General No Comments »

Since 2007, I’ve tried to make Art Relish a resource for Atlanta art, posting all the event announcements I can and talking with artists and others who make, show, and support the stuff we’re looking at. Managing the site on my own in the midst of a family and day job can be difficult and crazy making. There’s always something I miss or get behind on. I hate having such long stretches between posts, but that’s the way of blogs. Five years is a long time to keep one going.

What’s important to me though, and part of the goal that I’m working toward, is facilitating an open community driven by its members. And here we are.

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