Laura Bell at whitespace

“Gurgle and Seep,” Laura Bell’s first solo exhibition at whitespace gallery, features stitched mixed media works that reference the human body and its functions and processes, as well as the exuberant persistence of living forces both deadly and benign. She has moved away from painting on flat surfaces to creating sewn works that rise from their frames towards the viewers. For Bell, the act of stitching is simultaneously repetitive, meditative, and industrious. It is also a series of tiny acts of violence – cutting, piercing, stitching together – that when added up become a realized form. She directly handles the … Continue reading Laura Bell at whitespace

Deanna Sirlin at Bank of America

Deanna Sirlin says of her show, “Under and Over: New Collages,” “This work started like most work in the studio. I was making small collages, many shown here, using hot colors and different kinds of media. I had been thinking about making these works in another scale as they communicated the right notes of energy, gesture, and presence. But I wanted see how they might change by altering the scale. I received a mini grant from the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities through the City of Milton, Georgia to make art with my community, and be inclusive with parts of … Continue reading Deanna Sirlin at Bank of America

S. Patricia Patterson at Swan Coach House

Back to the Future New Works by S. Patricia Patterson Winner of the Forward Arts Foundation 2012 Emerging Artist Award Winner “The future is but the obsolete in reverse.” – Vladimir Nabokov The artwork in “Back to the Future” blurs the line between lived and observed experience in late twentieth century America. Patterson’s large-scale watercolor paintings investigate how we construct memories over time. She draws from an archive of collected family photographs, combining images of her own relatives with those of strangers. With these archival materials as her starting point, she explores and reinvents a family, or family moment. In … Continue reading S. Patricia Patterson at Swan Coach House

Alex Brewer, Greely Myatt at Sandler Hudson

Sandler Hudson Gallery presents “Spray,” by Atlanta artist Alex Brewer, also known as graffiti artist HENSE. This body of work is inspired by Brewer’s recent works in public spaces including work commissioned by the City of Atlanta on the Beltline, the Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, the Shops Around Lenox and the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art . Brewer will exhibit a series of mixed media works on paper and wood. Brewer says about the act of painting, ” I generally work on things in a very instinctive way. I paint, spray, or draw shapes and marks, then decide on … Continue reading Alex Brewer, Greely Myatt at Sandler Hudson

“Selections from The New England Primer” at whitespec

“Selections from The New England Primer,” an interactive sound installation by Matt Gilbert in collaboration with Ryan Peoples, was initiated by Charlie Brouwer’s exploration of his past and childhood memories in “Now I Lay Me…” The installation will investigate American approaches to childhood education as evidenced in The New England Primer, America’s first school textbook and the source of the prayer to which Brouwer’s show owes its title. The homemade sound controllers, some made from salvaged electronics, will convert the content of the Primer-lessons based on rote memorization, strict discipline, and Puritan values-into material for free self-directed play and investigation. … Continue reading “Selections from The New England Primer” at whitespec

Greely Myatt at Swan Coach House

The Swan Coach House and The Forward Arts Foundation present “Nice One,” an exhibition of recent work by Memphis artist Greely Myatt. Myatt’s work addresses notions of communication through words and symbols. The title is realized from reclaimed signage, which is reconfigured as a backlit wall construction; it floats on the main wall as one enters the gallery space. Other pieces forego the use of letters and use the shape of cartoon “speaking bubbles” to reference the idea of talking. These forms are left empty of text. This allows, or requires, viewers to project their thoughts onto the work, thereby … Continue reading Greely Myatt at Swan Coach House