Mike Germon, “Bootstrap Paradox”

Mike Germon talks about his exhibition, “Bootstrap Paradox.” The show runs March 3-31, 2012 at Beep Beep Gallery in Atlanta. About the show: “Scientific theories about time travel and their literary interpretations provide the narrative framework for the pieces in Mike Germon’s newest collection of work. The inevitable paradoxes therein are mirrored in both form and content in collages combining chronologically disparate source material.” Also available on: Vimeo – iTunes – Blip.tv Continue reading Mike Germon, “Bootstrap Paradox”

David Hilliard + Joseph Guay at Jackson Fine Art

The title of David Hilliard’s upcoming exhibition, Tending to Doubt, came out of a discussion between the artist and his mother regarding the latter’s bible study group. Hilliard — whose work often addresses personal and collective pasts through themes of masculinity, coming of age, sexuality, spirituality, and family — offers up an exhibition that allows the quest for spiritual identity to come to the fore.  His subjects will be familiar to admirers of his esteemed oeuvre.  Hilliard’s family and friends often figure prominently in his work, particularly his father, a divorced navy veteran and self-taught philosopher, and his mother, fervently … Continue reading David Hilliard + Joseph Guay at Jackson Fine Art

Morgan Alexander at Archetype

Morgan Alexander’s “A Lapse of Memory” encompasses overlapping themes present in Alexander’s work – themes that focus on the fragility and temporality of being. Alexander works within a space where function loses its relevance, the concrete becomes malleable or ephemeral, and purpose is subverted by ritual. Stone and steel are covered in wax and salt. No longer symbols for strength, they are instead reduced to pure elements from which drawings emerge. With their original purpose in mind, Alexander transforms found materials into precious vessels – containers that hold a particular space in time, a space familiar and unknown, illusions of … Continue reading Morgan Alexander at Archetype

Cosmo Whyte at Swan Coach House

The Swan Coach House Gallery presents a new exhibition by Cosmo Whyte, winner of the 2009 – 2010 Emerging Artist Award. The award is given annually by The Forward Arts Foundation to the candidate recognized as the most dynamic emerging artist in the Atlanta area. A $10,000 cash prize is given in conjunction with an exhibition at the Swan Coach House Gallery. Also shown will be a piece by each of the other finalists Morolake Odeleye, Dayna Thacker, Whitney Stansell, and Whitney Wood. Whyte writes “Morning Passage is a meditation on memory, both individual and communal, myths, those newly created … Continue reading Cosmo Whyte at Swan Coach House

Troy Crisswell at Dogwood

Alabama painter Troy Crisswell is set to display an array of original watercolors and oil paintings during his show entitled “Cause for Wonder” at the Dogwood Gallery and Framer located in Tyrone, Georgia. His work is known for its extraordinary style and enigmatic subject matter. On Saturday, July 31st Crisswell will lead a watercolor workshop at the Dogwood Gallery from 10am-3pm. Limited class size, reserve a spot now, $85 per person. Dogwood Gallery and Framer 1175 Senoia Rd. N Suite N Tyrone, GA 30290 Continue reading Troy Crisswell at Dogwood