Art Relish is Four!

So yesterday marked four years since the first post on It seems like forever and brand new at the same time. It’s nice to see how much you all value the documentation of Atlanta’s art community. Occasionally I even get recognized as “the Art Relish guy,” which is awesome. This year has been a big one. After getting a tiny handle on fatherhood, changing day jobs, and finishing my MFA (yay!), I’ve managed to increase both the quantity and quality of the work here. Collaborations with Atlanta Celebrates Photography, the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and WonderRoot, among others, have … Continue reading Art Relish is Four!

Time flies … three years of AR

Me for CL profile It’s hard to believe Art Relish launched three years ago. In those dark days of yore, there weren’t many outlets for keeping up with visual arts events around Atlanta. Now we have a plethora of options and I’m proud of the contribution Art Relish has been able to make to the community. The site remains pretty well focused on its original ideas, Brett Osborn’s thought on a calendar specific to visual arts, and the ongoing evolution of artist interviews from the model established by the Photo Awesome group at SCAD.

Art Relish is primarily a documentary project committed to highlighting the events, artists, and others involved in Atlanta’s visual art community in order to bring attention to the vibrant and diverse work being produced here. I feel strongly that it is important to enable this kind of one-on-one correspondence between artists and the public. As information hierarchies have collapsed and the gatekeeper system shrinks, it is imperative that vehicles exist to bring people together. That takes commitment, consistency, and credibility. I’ve worked hard on these over the years, with varying success. Your continued visits and readership, even when updates have been less frequent or of lower quality than I would like, have inspired me to carry on and keep the site going. Continue reading “Time flies … three years of AR”